Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The biggest goal, ever!

I've set a HUGE goal. I mean ginormous. Like out-of-this-world kind of goal. Ready for it?

Okay, so here it is...

30 new designs in 37 days..

That's a lot of new designs but I can do it! I've been needing to get some new listings in the shop so now is the perfect time. They may be completely new designs, variations of old designs.. wall quotes, childrens wall decals, modern wall decals.. anything!

This goes along with another goal I have which is to lose weight! I've got to get that baby weight off (okay baby-ish weight, she is 19 months old now) but if you are anything like me you can look at a cupcake and gain 5 pounds. Both goals are set to end on the same day. Smart? I'm not sure but we will see!

I've already gotten a head start today and put 2 variations of my favorite tree in the shop. I'm loving the tree with the butterflies and plan to do that one in my little girls room.. Hmm maybe I should set a goal to get that done too!

Woodland Friends Tree Vinyl Wall Decal, $85 
Tree with birds and fawn Vinyl Wall Decal, $80
P.S. I'm only 3 sales away from 1000 in my Etsy shop. So so excited!

1 comment:

  1. I have some designs for my washcloths that would make cute wall decals, think vintage girl(teasets n handmirrors, dainty things n such), and silhouette horse n rider, look at the metal ones it'll be easy!



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