Q. Where can I purchase your wall decals?
Visit our website at www.tweetheartwallart.com.

Q. What types of surfaces can vinyl decals be applied to?
A. Vinyl decals can be applied to most surfaces, including wood, mirrors, tile, glass, & lightly textured surfaces.

Q. Can I choose the color for my decal?
A. Sure! We offer 40 different matte colors, including 3 metallics.

Q. Do you offer custom designs?
A. We love working on custom designs. Send an email to tweetheartwallart@gmail.com with what you have in mind.

Q. Are wall decals removable?
A. Yes! The vinyl we use is specifically made for home interiors and will remove easily when you are ready. Just grab a corner of the decal and peel away. Unfortunately, they are not reusable.

Q. Are vinyl decals hard to apply?
A. Vinyl decals are easy and fun to apply. All of our decals come with step by step instructions.

Contact us at tweetheartwallart@gmail.com with any other questions!


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