Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My weekend project

Several months ago I decided to paint my kitchen table. The top finish was chipping off and the color really wasn't my style. It's an old wood table (with lots of charm) that was actually inherited from my husband's grandpa.

You can see the color in the picture below. The color on the left was what we started with. Sorry for the low quality pictures, they were taken from my cell phone.

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine was selling a set of reupholstered vintage chairs for a steal of a deal. They are a dark & light gray tweed with a beautiful cream floral pattern. I love them! I decided on dark grey for the table as I wanted it to help pull some of the dark color from the chairs and then I'll be able to pair it with a light colored centerpiece.

Here is the finished product! I'll share a better picture after I've styled it. The wall behind the table has nothing on it, besides crayon marks from a very creative two year old. That's my next project and I'm excited!

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  1. There is no reason why your kitchen's look shouldn't match your highest standards. Remodeling can be a fun task that will leave your home feeling refreshed.



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