Friday, November 20, 2009

Home Decor - Owls

Quite awhile ago I bought these adorable vintage cast iron owls from Etsy seller Hellcat Vintage
Although I'm totally liking the orange/yellow 1970s color combo, I knew that wasn't the style that I was going for and wanted to modernize them a bit. The paint was also a little dinged up from 30+ years of use. (Just imagine all the homes they have lived in!)

I knew that I wanted them one color and I was kinda leaning towards white. I'm lucky that my husband has a powder coating business and one day he brought home a car part that he had coated in a metallic bronze color. I knew right away that was the perfect color for my owls and talked him into taking on the project. Check these babies out!

They are absolutely perfect. They look brown in the house until the light hits them just right and then they are a beautiful sparkly bronze. Next I'm going to talk him into redoing our cabinet handles and other metal fixtures throughout our house. It's a really practical way to reuse (go green!) and it also saves money. What more could a girl want?!

**Owls powdercoated by Stanley Distribution using Triple Bronze Metallic.**

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  1. Aw, they look great! I'm so glad you were able to jazz them up and give them a new home. Thank you so much for visiting my shop... and for mentioning it here on your lovely blog. :)

    Cindy @ Hellcat Vintage



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